Inspired and taken from the phrase "Kiss& Tell; like the expression itself, the brand wishes to encourage customers to spread and express themselves as they are, wish to em- power people to be confident and comfortable in their own way. By being bold and fearless in sounding their inner beauty, Hip&Tell want to spread the positivity to all range of people. No matter the age, height, weight or even gender.

Moreover, the word "Hip" represents the word "Hip as in human body part; that's anatomically complex and very important, contains over 15 muscle which responsible for humans' flexibility and mobility. And "Hip" as in following the latest fashion, especially in popular music and clothes.

Lastly, the monogram of the alphabet "&" depict the symbol of the heart. This represent positivity and the urge to spread love and all the good things. Furthermore, the brand wants to encourage the customers to have and feel love every time they encounter the brand or when they encounter some- one's who's wearing Hip&Tell